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Most Sacred Heart of Jesus 

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus help me to Trust you More today then I did Yesterday..
 Litany to the Sacred Heart
Jesus  promised: For where two or three have gathered together in  My name, I am there in their midst.  "Matthew 18:20

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
thank you for Your unconditional love, compassion. Your endless forgiveness and immeasurable grace that You pour down upon us and through Your Mother.  Immaculate Heart of  Mary...please stay with me always, Mother hold my hand...walk me closer to Jesus everyday. Amen
Love, Prayerflowers

"A Family That Prays Together Stays Together" 

Most Immaculate Heart of Mary
 Mother of God

Novena of Grace
Our Lady Of  The Holy  Rosary  Novena Prayer 
At the Cross: "Jesus said to his mother: "Woman, this is your son". Then he said to the disciple: "this is your mother" Jn.19:26-27.

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The German  translation
for this beautiful picture is:

"Suffer patiently, and your bed of pain will give you joy and bliss."
Image from
" Holy Cards for Your Inspiration"

"Pain that is not offered up is wasted pain." Bishop Sheen

"The Heart of Jesus is closer to you when you suffer than when you are full of joy."
Saint Margaret Mary

My Prayer
Holy Father in Heaven...help me to suffer patiently and not waste any of my pain by forgetting to offer it up to You...Amen






Your life can change in a matter of seconds...one minute your fine, the next your seriously injured.  Your life as you knew it is gone.  You think, I can beat this...it's just temporary...I'll get better...but this injury takes a very long time to heal.  Some people are damaged more then others.  One thing that stayed the same for me was God, His Son & the Holy Spirit...they never left me.  Jesus gave me His precious Mother who never leaves my side.  I am forever grateful to God.  I continue to put my healing in His hands.  If I am meant to be active again...I know God can make it happen.  All my Love, Prayerflowers.



My Story

I was raised Catholic in a convent like setting home with nuns until I was 14.  When I was 15 years old I wanted to become a nun, my father  would not have it.   At 17 the Nun that I thought was my mom...died suddenly.  I know she continued to pray very hard for me, because I continued to have even a stronger devotion to Jesus & Mary. 

I did marry, I have a wonderful husband, precious children and grandchildren.  There are so many stories I could tell you...but for now I will share how a friend showed me to express the Jesus that was in me through art.

Offering my flowers to God (1992)             

That's me up there the very first time I described my feelings in art form.  I was giving our precious God a bouquet of Flowers. 

Flowers he had given me in the form of my Husband, Children, Love ones, Friends, care takers, priest, and co-workers.

That day...my heart was so overwhelmed with thanksgiving...I wanted God to have all of the flowers He brought in my life...for Him to bless them in a very special way.

As a result of my gratefulness I wanted to help bring as many flowers to God as I could...the lost, lonely, frighten, confused & forgotten.  
I made another attempt to put it into art form...

Picking flowers to bring to Jesus. (1993)

That was all I did for a very long time...God led me in a direction of expressing my art more animated as I found myself performing & teaching Mine in scripture skits for adults & youth.

In 2003...I was on my way home from work and a truck carrying roof trusses swirled out of his lane into mine.  The trusses hit my car in the rear spun around and hit the driver's window.  I was told I missed dying by 2".   This accident left me with injuries primarily a brain injury.   It was very difficult for me to talk very long without stuttering.

 It has taken me a long time to get to the point to write this story.  Somehow I knew I had to share with others like myself...
that may need inspiration and hope. 

In therapy, I was told that art and journaling would be very good for me.   I found when I would pray I would get a picture from God. 

As I get pictures...I try to draw.  I don't get them every time I pray.  But when I do get a picture...it is very special to me and to whomever I pray for.   May God Bless you and give you hope that through all things... God can help you overcome.

I did not draw the below print but I feel it is very uplifting...and goes with this scripture. 

More pictures to come...as I am able I will try to post the picture and story behind them.


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens  me"  Philippians 4:13


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About Me Pre-Injury
by Prayerflowers

This is one of my favorite scriptures....

Before my Injury I was frequently referred to as the “energizer bunny”.  I worked full time as well as being very involved in church.  Over the years (depending on the ages of my children and my availability)  I was in the choir; taught CCD 2nd grade First Communion Classes, assisted with the youth ministry, and  Eucharist Minister for over 20 years.  

I developed and organized monthly meetings for single mothers with children we called the group "Gathering of Hearts".  I guess that is why I put that name onto the prayer forum, that is what we are hearts gathered together to pray. 

Me with a pink wig and flowered hat I made.

I developed a mime/clown ministry; performed and trained for the churches in the diocese for over 5 years.  Skits on retreats for 1st communion and reconciliation and the mime the Passion  on Palm Sundays after the gospel for a few years, teaching different groups of youth to be each year. 

Visit hospitals and nursing homes with the youth.  I taught seminars that were held for “Life in the Spirit” my section of the course was on God’s Love. I was asked to do the seminar and never felt confident no matter how many times I was asked.

 Outside of church I volunteered for the Family Counseling Center.  A Hospice volunteered as a cook.  I would cook meals at home and bring them to families who were losing or had lost a loved one.    

In 1995, I volunteered with the Mother Teresa of Calcutta Missionary of Charity Sisters.  I was blessed to have met her and get her blessing.  They opened a house in my town back home.  That was one of my favorite volunteer jobs.  I would go over there after work or on my days off and take them places and pray with them.  Also, when I was able, I assisted with an after school program they started in their neighborhood.  They open a home in the worse part of the city to be with the “poorest of poor” as Mother Teresa would say.

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                         Brain Injury Association of America                    
      "Mind Matters"
                               I would like to thank God for the doctors
                     He provided for me.  I was blessed with their wisdom,  and
                      dedication...God bless you! 


I love working in God's Flower Garden...
Most Immaculate Heart of Mary  teach me to  always  listen to Jesus...may this website plant seeds of love for your precious Son, and may God's heavenly Angels protect all the delicate flowers... 
I love picking flowers for you Jesus.

Precious Mother help us to bloom with love for Jesus...Amen.


Thank you for sharing Jesus with me today.

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